NEW Clinique Products!!’

Pictured below are new Clinique Blush and eyeshadow. I do not know if these will be permanent to the line, but that Kittycat eyeshadow is gorgeous and definitely looks like a TAUPE!!!!!

RUN! DO NOT walk to your nearest Clinique Counter to pick these up!

(not yet purchased or owened by me)!

A Security Blanket in a Cosmetic Bag

A very famous commercial asks “What’s in YOUR wallet?”. Well, a makeup junkie is always curious to see what’s in your cosmetic bag. You may have discovered some fabulous product she didn’t know about or a new use for an old product.

Now, you may be looking at the pictures below and asking, ummmm, do you honestly need and use all that??? Well No, not really, BUT I MAY need it. You see, to me, this is a Security Blanket of sorts, if I have all this with me, at any given moment I am prepared for a beauty crisis. I know my cheeks can be blushed, fading foundation fixed and lips perfectly glossed. It’s insurance in makeup form. Should the Apocolypse come, I need not fear, my trusty makeup bag is well stocked to see me through a nuclear winter!

Another thing you may notice is repitition of a particular color of lipstick and gloss. Various shades, but pretty much the same thing over and over. Well yes, this is something most women have happen to them. They have one lipstick or gloss color that always works for them and they pick up the same one from multiple makeup lines. Again, security measure. You know you can rely on that one shade to always flatter you.

So essentially a woman’s cosmetic bag is her little piece if reliability in an imperfect world. Something she knows she can count on when things around her start to fall apart. If nothing else she knows she can at least have some control over her appearance.

So my very dear Lemmingista’s „„„,What’s in YOUR Cosmetic Bag??

SWEET TARTE (Cosmetics)

Tarte is a cosmetics company with a conscience. They manufacture their products without parabens, petro-chemicals, phthalates, sulfates, perservatives, glycols, fragrance, gluten or GMO’s. They also encourage recycling to reduce environmental waste, so their eyeshadow palettes are refillable. It’s makeup you can feel good about buying in more ways than one.

I was compelled to purchase some Tarte products when a MUAer posted a 40% off code (luckyweek3, don’t know if it will still work). I had been wanting to try some Tarte products for awhile and this was an excellent excuse to do so. I was very pleasantly surprised at the quality of the merchandise and their very rapid shipping.

The eyeshadow palette has 10 colors of eyeshadow, plus a very good quality double-ended eyeshadow brush and a double-ended eyeliner pencil AND they included a free sample of primer! The eyeshadows are extremely soft, however pigmentation is just OK, perhaps when I use the primer I will get a better application.

The blush gives a very pretty natural flush but is not creamy and actually is almost hard, when I pressed a fingertip into it, it left no depression.

Perhaps my favorite of all this is the product I did not actually order, the Sugar Daddy glistening powder is just a gorgeous color.

The most famous product Tarte makes is one I did not purchase. These are their cheek stains. The are packaged in fat twist up tubes and are almost jelly like in appearance with names like Tipsy, Blushing Bride and Giggle. Some makeup enthusiasts love them and some can not stand the texture, you can judge for yourself.

Another product not puchased, but that has always intrigued me is their double-ended lipglosses, they’re named for famous romantic couples of literature and movies. To name a few, Scarlett and Rhett, Ferris and Sloane, and Johnny and Baby.

So my very dear Lemming readers, what is your opinion of an cosmetic companynout to make peoplecand the world they live in a little more beautiful??

Shiseido Part Deux

Earlier this week I posted new Shiseido lipglosses and lipsticks and tonight I had a chance to swatch them for you. I can only say that I hope I identified them correctly.

I also discovered 6 new blushes that are eerily similar to NARS blushes. Since Shiseido owns NARS (if you work for Shiseido you can order NARS product on your gratis), I would suspect some of the colors are very similar.

Tomorrow I will post the new Sheer Mattifying Compact Makeup Colors.

Will you be buying any of these any time soon???? Let me know!

These Are A Few of My Favorite Things

The items you see below are my HG’s (Holy Grails, see very first post). These are items I use on a frequent basis and have re-purchased.

The MAC Blot Powder I was introduced to by the lovely ladies of MUA. This is amazing stuff! It keeps your makeup in place all day without looking cakey or dry and controls shine. A word to the wise, order one shade darker than you think you need.

Urban Decay Primer Potion (UDPP) is another excellent product. A dab of this on your lids will keep your eyeshadow from creasing or fading all day.

Clinique Precious Posy blush is actually the only blush color in the entire line I use. I have actually used up one these. That’s how much I love this color. It’s also an excellent dupe for NARS Orgasm blush. I should know, I own both.

Clinique Lucky Penny eyeshadow is another product I have used up and ordered a second, if you look closely, you may be able to see where I’ve “hit pan” on this. It’s just this beautiful shimmery coppery pink with a little bit of brown undertone. It’s pretty much my “go to” shadow when I don’t know what to put on. It pretty much goes with everything.

The Bourjois Shimmering Taupe is pretty much the same as Lucky Penny, a good “go to” shadow, especially in conservative work environment. There will be MUCH more on the subject of taupe shadows later. This particular group of eyeshadow shades has an almost cult following among some makeup junkies.

NYX gloss in Chestnut is just a really pretty peachy gold gloss for not alot of $$$. These run $5 and come in huge range of shades and the formula is very nice and not at all sticky.

Last, but not least, is my beloved MAC Browset Gel in Girl/Boy which is a rusty red shade to match the color I dye my hair. I discovered this years ago after Revlon discontined theirs and cannot even begin to count how many I have used up. They run around $13-$14 and last at least 6 months or more. It has a mascara type wand and you just brush the product right into your brows and once dry it does not flake or smear. Truly a great product.

So there you have it, some of my most used and treasured products.

Tell me what yours are!!!

How To Post and Take Pictures of a Haul (Makeup Purchase)

In the world of Makeup Obsession when you make a purchase it is generally called a “haul”. If you are a considerate makeup junkie you do what I’ve done here and “post” your haul for your fellow makeup junkies too see and comment on. It also customary to give your general opinion of what you have purchased and what you think of it. (yes we are an egocentric bunch). So what you see here is my latest makeup haul of CARGO makeup. This went half-price on Sephora so I thought I’d pick up a few items. What you see are the Blu-Ray blush in Pink and the Eyeshadow Palette in Baja (love the packaging on it). Also shown are an eye brightening stick and reverse lipliner and a Bourjois gloss in a bronze shade. Also some items I picked up for 30% off @ my Prescriptives counter since the line is being discontinued @ the end of this month. A double ended eyeshadow brush and some cream stick foundation.

I really like the stick foundation, it goes on smoothly and offers good coverage without looking cakey or heavy. Prescriptives brushes are some of the best in the business, and if you happen to have a counter near you and they have some left, you should definitely pick up what you can.

The CARGO makup is good quality and they give you a generous amount for your money. The blush is a subtle pink that is great for everyday use. The shadows in the palette are nice colors but not overly pigmented. They blended easily over a primer.

The eyebrightener seemed a product I could have probably lived w/o, it didn’t show me much and I have other shadows that are just as good or better for this type of thing.

The reverse lipliner is very opaque and would be perfect for someone with pigmented lips trying an intensely colored lipstick.

I would not recommend the Bourjois lip gloss as it was extremely pale even for me and I am fair skinned.

Whe you take pictures of a haul you do one with everthing closed and one with everything open, and always before you use it.

So there you have it, my first haul post. I am sure there will be more in the future.

Stay Tuned…….

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