Little Red Riding Hood, you’re everything a Big Bad Wolf could want!!!!

Continuing my fascination with Barbie, I found these two in a Tuesday Morning store! I think you can figure out how they wound up there! These are by far two if the most risque’ Barbies I have ever seen!!

Red Riding Hood looks like she should be on a Stripper’s Pole and Corvette Barbie is a borderline Drag Queen with that dress and makeup!

Would you buy these for your little girl? I know I wouldn’t! I have absolutely nothing against Barbies, but there are better versions out there!

But in the interest of entertainment, I had to post these here for you, my Lemmingista’s!!!!!

Give me your opinions! Love them or hate them?

Inspiration in Unlikely Places

So I was wandering through that great Capitalist establishment known as Wal-Mart and wandered into the toy area, actually the Barbie aisle. I noticed all the different hair colors and skintones on the dolls and how the makeup was different on each one. It occurred to me that there must be one very skilled Makeup Artist @ Mattel (they are the ones that still manufacture her??).

While some criticize the Barbie Doll as having a bad influence on young girls and giving them an idealized way of how a woman is supposed to look, I have always thought of her as a tool to teach little girls how to put outfits together and do hair and use their imaginations. I had a Malibu Barbie in 1971 ( yes I am dating myself) and she was tan and blonde and had that California Surfer girl look.

Now Barbie has evolved and so has her look. So if you need a little inspiration take a walk down the Barbie aisle.

Below are a few of the ones I found interesting.

Did you have a favorite Barbie??

Italian Barbie

Italian Barbie

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