It All Starts With A Good Foundation!

Years ago women wore “foundation” garments to ensure a smooth fit, these are making a huge comeback right now, with Spanx and Lipo In a Box and all those Aero Dynamic bras on the market. The same principal applies with makeup. You need to start with a good foundation.

When those foundation garments were sold to women in the distant past they were pretty much torture devices designed to give women a “one size fits all” body type. Foundation or “base” as it was called was basically white out for the face, the formulations were thick and heavy, meant to obliterate any imperfections.

Fast forward to today and foundation for the face has also gone Aero Dynamic, there are a myriad of formulations from lightweight & sheer to full coverage. But this isn’t your mothers makeup! The brand I work for, Clinique has 29 different types of foundation, in powders, liquids, cream and stick formulations.

So how does one choose the one that’s right for them? Well, working for a cosmetic company the best thing I can tell you to do is to go get a foundation match at a cosmetic counter. The sales associates are trained to match the right formulation, color and coverage to meet your needs. So now you’re reading this, looking at the pictures below and going„, “the Lemming lady sells this stuff and EVEN she can’t figure out what to USE???” What’s up with THAT?”

Well, even though I can pretty well walk up to a display in a drugstore or Super Store or Department store and pick a shade to match my skin, I am fascinated by all the different levels of coverage offered and like any one else hope to find that one foundation that will provide the level if coverage I want while making me look like I have the most perfect skin (hey, it COULD happen!).

Long ago, B.C.A. (before cosmetics addiction), I woul find a foundation and use it up and buy another and use itbup until they stopped making the formula. Now I am always testing a new formula, seeing what this one or that one will do for me. I have found I prefer cream formulas applied with a sponge, these offer the coverage I want, but don’t look cakey. I also like liquid foundations, but with some “body” to them. I hate anything runny or thin.

As you can see below I have tried quite a few, and my favorites are the CoverGirl AquaSmooth (a cream formula), and the Clinique Even Better Foundation (oh this was a gratis product, just cover my butt), I am also liking the L’Oreal True Match, which is also a cream formula. Revlon’s aren’t bad, but I prefer the Colorstay formula and I do recommend you apply it with a damp sponge or dampened foundation brush. The Wet n Wild isn’t bad, but it’s extremely difficult to get it out of the bottle. As for Prescriptives, the custom blend was a wonderful program but it was what eventually caused the brand to fold. The expense of all the range of pigments needed being to much of a cost for the brand to keep making.

So dear Lemmingista’s, have you found yourself a good foundation? One that meets your needs? Let me know!?!!?!!