NEW Clinique Products!!’

Pictured below are new Clinique Blush and eyeshadow. I do not know if these will be permanent to the line, but that Kittycat eyeshadow is gorgeous and definitely looks like a TAUPE!!!!!

RUN! DO NOT walk to your nearest Clinique Counter to pick these up!

(not yet purchased or owened by me)!

You’re so Vain I Bet You Think This Blog is About You!!!!

Well, it’s not! It’s all about me, but then isn’t that how all these blogs got started??? Someone thought everyone was entitled to their opinion and blogs were born! So this blog being about me and my makeup addiction, we were bound to eventually discuss the fact that I am one of those scary ladies in the white coat, behind the Clinique Counter. Except, I’m not. I really try to be friendly and non-scary and put people at their ease. All those jars and bottles and colors and things can be confusing. That’s where I come in.

Do you know how much training I have to go thru to get one of those stinkin’ white coats? ALOT! You start with a three day First Class to learn the entire line. Then a two day class to learn about the makeup part of the line, meanwhile you are attending “update” training on new products every 6 months. Then we have to take an accredidation test to prove we learned everthing they taught you in the first two big training sessions, it’s an all day test and very stressful. After that you then attend Master Classes to keep your skills sharp. So it ain’t as easy as it looks, kids!

There are pros and cons to all of this. The biggest pro is FREE STUFF! You sell the line, they give you products to try and use, so you can better tell your customer how it works. The con is you better be selling your butt off and making your sales goals, appointments, pre-sale for Gifts with Purchase and generally improving sales every year. If the economy is bad, or if you get closed because of 3 ft. of snow, it is NOT the companies problem, it’s YOURS! You better makeup those sales you lost!

How long have I been enduring this sadistic little setup?? Nine years!!! Yes!! First I sold Clarins, then due to Corporate B. S. I sold all the lines in the store, but without being “associated” with one (which meant all those freebies I got were stopped). But then my former store (Hecht’s) was bought out by Macy’s and I was then put back on one line. Don’t get me wrong, we all have to “inter-sell”, which means we sell products from other lines when their associates aren’t there. But we are mainly responsible for our own line.

Ok, so what you see below is dome of the latest “swag” I scored on my last gratis order. That very last bottle is the newest star of the line. A product designed to even out skin tone, break up sun spots, age spots, & acne scarring, for all of use who burned and abused our skin in our youth. Look for heavy advertising of this during American Idol finals!

So, OK, you sell Clinique, do you use EVERYTHING?!?! Quite honestly, no!! Oh quit being so horrified. Look At this blog! What did you think? However, I use the products I like and work for me. I love Total Turnaround Concentrate, All About Eyes eye cream, Youth Surge Moisturizer and Repairwear Night Cream.

We also have some really gorgeous color products. My favorites are: Eyeshadows; Lucky Penny, Iced Mauve, Toasted Almond, Foxy, Daybreak, in the Duos; Like Mink, Strawberry Fudge, Beach Plum, and Starstruck/Golden Lynx.

My all-time favorite blush is Precious Posy. I use no other in the line.

Favorite Mascara is High Impact.

Favorite Eyeliner is Chocolate Lustre in the Creamshapers line.

Favorite lipsticks: The Buttershine line in Delovely, Praline, and Apple Brandy. Also Honeynut, and Surprise.

So my Lemmingista’s, now that I’ve “come clean”, I hope you will still follow and read the blog and share just a little Clinique love!!!!

It All Starts With A Good Foundation!

Years ago women wore “foundation” garments to ensure a smooth fit, these are making a huge comeback right now, with Spanx and Lipo In a Box and all those Aero Dynamic bras on the market. The same principal applies with makeup. You need to start with a good foundation.

When those foundation garments were sold to women in the distant past they were pretty much torture devices designed to give women a “one size fits all” body type. Foundation or “base” as it was called was basically white out for the face, the formulations were thick and heavy, meant to obliterate any imperfections.

Fast forward to today and foundation for the face has also gone Aero Dynamic, there are a myriad of formulations from lightweight & sheer to full coverage. But this isn’t your mothers makeup! The brand I work for, Clinique has 29 different types of foundation, in powders, liquids, cream and stick formulations.

So how does one choose the one that’s right for them? Well, working for a cosmetic company the best thing I can tell you to do is to go get a foundation match at a cosmetic counter. The sales associates are trained to match the right formulation, color and coverage to meet your needs. So now you’re reading this, looking at the pictures below and going„, “the Lemming lady sells this stuff and EVEN she can’t figure out what to USE???” What’s up with THAT?”

Well, even though I can pretty well walk up to a display in a drugstore or Super Store or Department store and pick a shade to match my skin, I am fascinated by all the different levels of coverage offered and like any one else hope to find that one foundation that will provide the level if coverage I want while making me look like I have the most perfect skin (hey, it COULD happen!).

Long ago, B.C.A. (before cosmetics addiction), I woul find a foundation and use it up and buy another and use itbup until they stopped making the formula. Now I am always testing a new formula, seeing what this one or that one will do for me. I have found I prefer cream formulas applied with a sponge, these offer the coverage I want, but don’t look cakey. I also like liquid foundations, but with some “body” to them. I hate anything runny or thin.

As you can see below I have tried quite a few, and my favorites are the CoverGirl AquaSmooth (a cream formula), and the Clinique Even Better Foundation (oh this was a gratis product, just cover my butt), I am also liking the L’Oreal True Match, which is also a cream formula. Revlon’s aren’t bad, but I prefer the Colorstay formula and I do recommend you apply it with a damp sponge or dampened foundation brush. The Wet n Wild isn’t bad, but it’s extremely difficult to get it out of the bottle. As for Prescriptives, the custom blend was a wonderful program but it was what eventually caused the brand to fold. The expense of all the range of pigments needed being to much of a cost for the brand to keep making.

So dear Lemmingista’s, have you found yourself a good foundation? One that meets your needs? Let me know!?!!?!!

CLINIQUE Juiced Up Colour Collection - Spring 2010

This is the Spring Colour Collection for Clinique. I am not overly impressed with these colours. However the Fresh Picked Berries Eyeshadow has sold very well @ my counter.

The Mascara is a rather interesting, although I have yet to use it on myself or a client. The wand looks a little scary when you see it. It has a tiny little spikey comb at the end so that you can comb the mascara thru them to make them really long.

The truly stand out product of this collection is the Instant Lift for Brows. One end is a pencil to fill in the brows and the other end is a pink highlighter to use under the brow bone to open and “lift” the eye and make it appear more wide open. Every client I used this on during a Makeover Event bought it.

The Vitamin C Lip Smoothies are nice but for $18.50, the product runs out too quickly. I bought one when we first brought these out and it ran out in about 2-3 weeks.

Opinions and comments from my Lemmingista’s always welcome!!!

These Are A Few of My Favorite Things

The items you see below are my HG’s (Holy Grails, see very first post). These are items I use on a frequent basis and have re-purchased.

The MAC Blot Powder I was introduced to by the lovely ladies of MUA. This is amazing stuff! It keeps your makeup in place all day without looking cakey or dry and controls shine. A word to the wise, order one shade darker than you think you need.

Urban Decay Primer Potion (UDPP) is another excellent product. A dab of this on your lids will keep your eyeshadow from creasing or fading all day.

Clinique Precious Posy blush is actually the only blush color in the entire line I use. I have actually used up one these. That’s how much I love this color. It’s also an excellent dupe for NARS Orgasm blush. I should know, I own both.

Clinique Lucky Penny eyeshadow is another product I have used up and ordered a second, if you look closely, you may be able to see where I’ve “hit pan” on this. It’s just this beautiful shimmery coppery pink with a little bit of brown undertone. It’s pretty much my “go to” shadow when I don’t know what to put on. It pretty much goes with everything.

The Bourjois Shimmering Taupe is pretty much the same as Lucky Penny, a good “go to” shadow, especially in conservative work environment. There will be MUCH more on the subject of taupe shadows later. This particular group of eyeshadow shades has an almost cult following among some makeup junkies.

NYX gloss in Chestnut is just a really pretty peachy gold gloss for not alot of $$$. These run $5 and come in huge range of shades and the formula is very nice and not at all sticky.

Last, but not least, is my beloved MAC Browset Gel in Girl/Boy which is a rusty red shade to match the color I dye my hair. I discovered this years ago after Revlon discontined theirs and cannot even begin to count how many I have used up. They run around $13-$14 and last at least 6 months or more. It has a mascara type wand and you just brush the product right into your brows and once dry it does not flake or smear. Truly a great product.

So there you have it, some of my most used and treasured products.

Tell me what yours are!!!

Clinique Singles Eyeshadow Colors List

Below this you should see a picture of the entire palette of Clinique Eyeshadow singles. This is a catalog of the shadows beginning @ the top and listed by row from left to right;

Sugar,Sugar- Daybreak-Frosted Blossom-Keylime Pie

Buff - Champagne - Disco Pink - Sparkling Sage

French Vanilla - Apricot Spice - Rose Pebble - Juniper

Beige Shimmer - Desert Sun (own) - Lucky Penny (favorite in entire line, have actually used one entirely) - Martini

Toasted Almond (great neutral) - Sierra Glaze - Iced Mauve (own, gorgeous w/ Night Plum) - Peacock

Foxy (TAUPE lovers!!!) - Strike It Rich -Stone Violet - Blue Lagoon

EMPTY - Rum Spice - Night Plum - Dark Denim

Sable - Chocolate Chip - Slate (use Sugar,Sugar over this blended for a great Smoky Eye) - Midnight

Alright, so I am a Part Time SA for Clinique. I am paid to sell these. Some are beautiful and go on gorgeously, some are not so great. But in my opinion Clinique often is ignored or pushed aside as “younger woman’s” line or people love the skincare and never look at the color. So this post is to give the line that pay’s me a little attention.

Any questions on colors, texture or application, Ask me!!!!

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