The Cheap Seats. (Online E-tailer Version)

Their is a wonderful online E-tailer of eyeshadows, palettes & MAC Pigments; I was first made aware of them by the wonderful KarlaSugar who promoted them with an online discount code.

I initially purchased 4 pans of shadow, as I had an empty MAC 4 pan palette around and wanted to fill it. The single pans sell for $4.95, so for approx. $20, I filled my palette. Not bad, considering what some cosmetics companies charge for pre-made palettes. The products came well wrapped in a ton of bubble wrap, so there is no chance of crumbling or breakage. I was pleased by the silky texture and pigmentation of their product. I tend to like nuetral shades, and picked Champage, a light golden beige, Warm n Fuzzy, a deep brownish taupe, Bohemia, a bronze, and Cashmere, a reddish brown.

The prices on the site really can’t be beat. A pre-made four pan palette will run you $14.95, which breaks down to $3.73 per pan. Their 15 pan Smokey Eye Palette runs $21.95, which breaks down to $1.46 per pan. If you want to build your own palette, it’ll run you $49.95, however, if you break it down, that is still only $3.33 per pan. The variety of colors is extensive, with something to please everyone.
They also sell MAC pigment samples for $4.25.

The second time I went back, I decided to pick up some of the newer shades. Eden, a pink beige, Twilight, a periwinkle blue with purple flecks , Sex Kitten, a frosty pink, and Happy Ending, a bronzed pink. When my items came, I was not as pleased as I was with my first order. These newer colors contain alot of chunky sparkles and the texture isn’t as smooth as the original formula. The colors are pretty, but a tad too frosty for me.

All in all, though, I will probably go back for some of the older shades, as I did like those very much. StarsMakeuphaven also sells empty palettes and their pans fit MAC & E.L.F. Palettes and vice versa.

Definitely worth a try. And if want to see all their eyeshadow colors swatched, please visit!

So my Lemmingista’s, are you up for some fun and inexpensive goodies??? Let me know!!!