CLINIQUE Juiced Up Colour Collection - Spring 2010

This is the Spring Colour Collection for Clinique. I am not overly impressed with these colours. However the Fresh Picked Berries Eyeshadow has sold very well @ my counter.

The Mascara is a rather interesting, although I have yet to use it on myself or a client. The wand looks a little scary when you see it. It has a tiny little spikey comb at the end so that you can comb the mascara thru them to make them really long.

The truly stand out product of this collection is the Instant Lift for Brows. One end is a pencil to fill in the brows and the other end is a pink highlighter to use under the brow bone to open and “lift” the eye and make it appear more wide open. Every client I used this on during a Makeover Event bought it.

The Vitamin C Lip Smoothies are nice but for $18.50, the product runs out too quickly. I bought one when we first brought these out and it ran out in about 2-3 weeks.

Opinions and comments from my Lemmingista’s always welcome!!!